Heatmap node returned by zoneHeatmaps analytics query. Contains heatmap for a given object class and time interval. Heatmaps are a representation of how objects move about the street scene, with higher data values for a given pixel meaning more objects moved through that pixel.

In the case of ZoneHeatmaps, in particular, only objects that passed through the zone's encompassed space are included in the heatmap compution.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type ZoneHeatmap implements Node {
  • # The ID of the object.
  • id: ID!
  • # Object class for the heatmap (e.g. 'car')
  • objClass: String
  • # rawIds of all behaviorZones tracks passed through
  • zoneIds: [Int]
  • # Start of time interval for heatmap
  • time: DateTime
  • # Heatmap as a list of [x,y,data] values
  • heatmap: HeatmapScalar
  • }